Are there Tanning Salons Near Me?

This specific search engine is able to answer the question, with this easy to use function you will find the best one that is closest to you and never get lost again. Millions of people aim to have a darker complexion all year round and with salons this is possible. That is way they are so popular. There are different types of treatments to choose from and keep that in mind while you search for the nearest tanning salons to you.

Why Should You Look for A Tanning Salon?

uv-girlThey are able to offer you a range of options and they have experts in the field. The experts are able to tell you the certain details of each service and what are the benefits of each one. Experts there can also make sure your skin is well covered as well as that it looks good and natural. Each person has a different type of skin and therefore their way of tanning will be different from another person’s way, and people who work at there know this. They are able to find a method that will suit you without damaging your skin. Tanning salons have skin charts so that they can see which product would be the best for which type of skin and to keep you safe while you are in bed. Although you can tan at home and use certain products it is a good idea to get advice from professionals as well as to make sure that you use the correct products in the correct way. It is also quicker to go to a salon than to do it at home by yourself. There are different ways you are able to tan at a salon and they are:

Tanning Beds

Tanning beds or booths can work all year long and therefore people do not have to rely on the sun in order to get a tan. Many places do not get a lot of sun all year round so a bed or booth could be the best solution. You have to lie down on the bed or stand up in the booth and stay there for about 20 minutes but many salons require you to stand up if you are using a bed.

Tanning beds and booths use lamps that produce UV-A and UV-B rays and you should not be able to absorb UV-C rays which are harmful to your skin. UV-A and UV-B rays are helpful for you to darken your skin. A person should only do the 20 minutes tanning bed or booth sessions with a day or two in between sessions as in use the tanning beds or booths for 20 minutes, wait for a day or two and use it again for 20 minutes. This will depend on how dark you would like your tan to be.

You should not over do the tanning sessions with the tanning beds or booths because you could get sun burnt or develop cancer.

Airbrushing/ Spray Tan

Airbrushing is for people who would want a quick tan that can last for a week (depending on the individual) but do not feel like lying down. The process can take up to 10 to 15 minutes but has a waiting time that is equal to the amount of time it took to get the spray tan, as in if your spray tan lasts for 10 minutes, then you have to wait another 10 minutes for the spray tan to set in therefore the total time you need to get the spray tan is 20 minutes.

Spray Tanning Technicians cover the body with DHA (dihydroxyacetone solution) which reacts with the amino acids that is on the top layer of the skin and this is what causes the skin to go darker. When the dead skin cells fall off they take the tanning solution with them therefore, a spray tan can fade and that is why spray tans can only last for about a week (depending on the individual). The DHA solution is said to not cause skin irritation or to burn the skin. If there are some uneven patches on the skin the Spray Tanning Technician is able to do touch ups or re-coat the skin if necessary.

People usually wear bikinis, underwear or shorts when the go for airbrushing but many tanning salons do offer airbrushing in the nude. If you decide to wear something the DHA solution should not be able to damage your clothes but it is a good idea to wear something you would not mind getting a stain on, just in case. It is suggested that before you go to get yourself airbrushed you should exfoliate your skin and keep it as clear as possible by not using deodorant, makeup or skin lotions etc. Some tanning salons say that you should wait eight hours before you bath or shower while others say you can only wash yourself the following day.

Buy Products to Tan at Home

A tanning salon can also have a range of products that can help people to tan at home. They can offer you sunless tanning lotions to use and these lotions work the same way as a spray tan but are not as quick. Sunless tanning lotions use DHA solution which reacts with the top layer of your skin (because of the amino acids) and after about three hours you are able to see the results.

Another type of tanning product is called a Bronzer. These can only last about a day because they can wash off. However, they do come in different forms such as sticks, powders, gels and sprays. The Bronzer sprays can come in different colors which are meant to compliment your skin tone. The Bronzer powder can go on to your skin with the help of an applicator and they are designed to evenly coat the skin. Bronzer sticks have a similar design to deodorant sticks so you can just put them on your skin. Gels for Bronzers are for experienced people who know how to use them because they can be difficult to use. Bronzer gels are thick and difficult to spread evenly around your body. You can use Bronzer with other types of tanning products. They are meant to react quickly to the skin.

There are other types of products that you can use at home such as tanning pills which uses canthaxanthin so that it works from the inside out by dissolving into your fat cells which there are a lot of in the top layer of your skin. However, it is a good idea to consult a doctor or a professional because this may cause side effects if you take too many tanning pills.